Quote1 Funny. Because I started you off as Batman, those other mugs made me pay. I guess you got me after all. Quote2
-- Joe Chill src

The man who murderded Bruce Wayne's Parents after he left the rest of the gang during a robbery of a charity ball stopped by Thomas Wayne (helped by his son the Phantom Stranger had taken back in time) and told the leader he would make it up. Years later he was an arms dealer for the Underworld and tried to sell a sonic blaster to various Batman villains. With help from the Phantom Stranger and Spectre, who had a bet on Batman's soul, Batman found Chill and revealed his identity to him. The Stranger and Spectre each argued to Batman over choosing justice or vengeance, if Batman killed Chill he would become a merciless figure of vengeance. However he chose not to kill Chill, meaning he was free to go his own way. Chill told the villains he was responsible for Batman's creation, and they attacked him. The sonic blaster went off, wrecking the building, and Chill was crushed to death by the ceiling. It is implied the Spectre may have been responsible for this to keep Batman's identity secret.



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