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"Joe Public" was a Gotham City gym teacher inspired to fight organized crime after one of his students was killed by bad Ecstasy at a party. While attempting to raid the offices of local drug kingpin "Happy Jack", he inadvertently distracted Batman from the same case and allowed the criminal to escape. Later that night, Joe was attacked by the alien parasite "Gemir", who activated his metagene while feeding on his spinal fluids (an act that killed many others). Joe found himself able to absorb the strength and energy of those around him into himself, and teamed up with Batman and Pagan to fight the monster off. Later in his career as a hero, he encountered both Azrael (who he helped to defeat the Corrosive Man) and the Martian Manhunter, and joined the Justice League Task Force.

During the events of Legacy, Batman was forced to leave Gotham and put Huntress in charge. She mentioned Joe Public and Pagan as friendlier replacement vigilantes he could choose. This implies that Public continued his career in some way.[1]


Strength Absorption: Joe Public has the ability to absorb the strength and energy of others around him. This manages to grant him considerable strength and durability but it unfortunately causes great fatigue to the people he gathered the strength from.


Joe's powers are also proximity based, which causes him to lose his additional strength the farther he gets from the people he gained it from.

Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle are listed as the creators of Joe Public in the credits of Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #1.


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