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Quote1 Time to DIE! Quote2
-- Metallo src


Metallo is not entirely a mechanical being nor is he a robot. Cyborg is perhaps a better word. Metallo still has the brain of John Corben.

Corben was in a terrible accident, one that a scientist, anxious to experiment on a human possibilty beyond what the law would allow, took advantage of. Corben's brain was transplanted into a cybernetic body fueled by uranium. Perhaps the loss of his body was too much for him. Or maybe he was also inclined towards crime. Under the name Metallo, Corben became a criminal.

But it is not Corben's robotic strength that is a threat to Superman. In time, Corben found a better source of energy than uranium. At the heart of this robot criminal is a piece of Kryptonite, the only mineral capable of killing the last Kryptonian. [1]


Cybernetic Enhancement




Kryptonite Heart