Quote1 Control myself? That's easy for you to say. It doesn't take much to stay in control when you watch from the shadows. You stand apart from the world while the rest of us live in it. Even when it breaks your heart. Quote2
-- John Corben src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Cybernetic Enhancement
    • Invulnerability: He also has a high level of endurance and invulnerability as he was able to survive being blown up by Zod, survive having part of the fortress roof being dropped on him and being frozen by Clark and Zod's super breath.
    • Superhuman Strength: John's strength seems to be on par with Kryptonians as he was able to pick up Clark and throw him and kick Zod straight into a wall in the Fortress. He was easily able to throw Lois and knock her unconscious. He was also able to smash his way through a block of ice which containing him. (Upgrade) Just to note that he is only capable of effecting Kryptonians with his level of strength when they are weakened in the presence of his green Kryptonite heart.
    • Technomorphing: When absorbing the Kryptonite radiation from Lana Lang's Prometheus Suit enhancements back in Africa, Corben inadvertently assimilated the similarly Green-K powered nanites in her system. This enabled him to physically reach out and incorporate most any mechanical apparatuses he focused said nanotechnology on, into himself. Giving Metallo a near infinite means of augmenting and bolstering further combat advantages by assimilating mechanical parts and munitions for extra armor and additional weaponry, limited only by the amount of the amount of salvage he had on hand within range.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Increased because of bionic enhancements.
    • Superhuman Speed: Increased because of bionic enhancements.
    • Super-Leaping: Increased strength in legs means than John could jump higher and farther than normal humans.
    • Green Kryptonite heart (formerly): Corben's heart was replaced with a kryptonite like battery. Emitting massive amounts of Green-K radiation, thus making him almost unbeatable to Kryptonians. Both Zod and Clark had to fight Corben from a distance using only ranged powers as both would have been severely weakened in his presence. John's heart can also shoot blasts of kryptonite radiation which was useful against the distanced Clark and Zod. In season 11 Toyman would give Metallo modifications to his K-Heart that enabled the absorption of meteor rock energy, making Metallo all the stronger. Even gaining new and improved abilities from absorbing Lana Lang's Kryptonite powered nanites after siphoning her K-Rad energies.
    • Red Kryptonite heart:(formerly) At the end of Upgrade, Lois gave him a new red kryptonite heart. In the hopes that with it he could at least lead a normal life, but it wasn't compatible with his biomechatronic physiology.



  • Vulnerability to Elctromagnatism Electromagnetic pulse grenade disabled him, but he restarted instantly and was prepared to kill Lois.
  • Clark heated a lead plate and slammed it into his chest. Realizing the weakness of the Blur, He tried to expose his kryptonite heart by ripping the lead plate from his chest, but in the attempt, the meteorite rock stuck to the plate, leaving him without power and shutting him down.


  • Formerly a Green Kryptonite heart used as a weakness against the Blur and Major Zod.
  • Formerly a Red Kryptonite heart given to him as a replacement for his green one. Said to be more potent than the previous but it didn't stick.



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