Quote1 Sure, I stayed in the shadows. I didn't have a codename or a gimmick. But together we made a difference. Quote2
-- John Diggle src

John Diggle is a former soldier of the U.S. Military and the first vigilante partner of Green Arrow. Before starting his vigilante career with Green Arrow, John was working as security for Queen Industries.

Zero Year

During the Zero Year, Diggle was on the job in Gotham City, protecting Moira Queen, who was being targeted by Killer Moth.[1]

Helping Green Arrow

While sitting in his apartment one night, Diggle was paid a visit by the Green Arrow, who was bleeding out and needed help. Diggle patched him up, and was asked by Oliver to join him in his crusade to protect the city. Oliver trusted Diggle due to him not revealing his identity to anyone, telling anyone he was back, and the fact that Diggle was willing to protect Oliver's mother's life with his own. Diggle joined Oliver's crusade and the two operated as a team to protect the city.[1]


During the events of DC Rebirth, Diggle was working as a soldier for hire. He joined forces with Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow once again to take down the Ninth Circle.




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