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John Doran was a police officer at the 18th Precinct at NYPD who had an uncanny ability to survive, even conflicts with super humans. He was close to the New York City massacre caused by a group of supervillains that had been assembled by the Daemonite Lord Defile to discuss the possibility of an alliance. Though as a normal human being, John proved himself in subduing Cooler and Pagliacci. His actions was caught by Jackson King, and offered him as commander and field leader for his new Stormwatch team, Stormwatch P.H.D., to act as a liaison between the police and StormWatch.

During the first missions of the P.H.D., Doran's wife, who had been sick and undergoing hospital tests for months, was diagnosed with cancer, but she eventually managed to recover from this ordeal after months of treatment.

Sometime after the destruction of the 18th Precinct, John was approached by the Void into preventing Armageddon from happening by teleporting him into the future where he learned from the future Fahrenheit that he died fighting during the great upheaval in P.H.D.'s past. He is also disturb in finding that Jackson King had taken a role very similar to the Authority and by extent his father, Isiah King. After learning that the P.H.D. team survived Armageddon and work in different part of the world, John was sent back to the present by Void and report his current team of what he saw. And as well in avenging him of his supposed death in the future.[1]




Skilled Combatant

Skilled Tactician

Skilled Leader



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