Growing up, John Henry Irons was always inspired by heroes, and after his parents' death he realized they named him after John Henry because they wanted him to be hero like the John Henry of legend.[1]

After progressing through graduate school, Doctor Irons was hired by General Sam Lane to create a weapon capable of protecting the Earth from an alien invasion. After Lex Luthor joined the operation Doctor Irons kept the prototype war suit called Metal-Zero hidden for himself, while working with Luthor on a new Metal-Zero suit. When Luthor managed to capture Superman Doctor Irons turned in his resignation upon witnessing the torture the unfortunate hero was under going.[2]

Shortly afterwards during the Terminaut invasion of Earth led by Brainiac Doctor Irons put on the original Metal-Zero armor to help protect the city. Surveying the attack Steel noticed Superman in pitched combat with the newly armored John Corben and intervened with the intent to destroy the new Metal-Zero armor. After winning a short battle against Metallo, Steel helped Superman determine the speed he'd need to reach in order to propel himself into space to save New Troy from Brainiac.[3]

While Superman took the battle to space, Steel remained on Earth to help manage the destruction caused by the abduction of the New Troy district of Metropolis.[4]

After this he and Superman partnered up several more times to fight crime and a menace known as the Kryptonite Man, Steel managed to aid Superman in the villain's defeat and even found a way to deactivate the villain's powers.

Doomsday Virus

After facing the villain Doomsday alongside Superman he was infected with a strange otherworldly toxin, in a bid to prevent further such infections he coated his skin in a malleable liquid steel film, which would protect him from otherworldly infections but did limit his emotional responses.

Steel was present when the Prime Earth's Superman died of kryptonite poisoning .

DC Rebirth

He now currently protects Metropolis alongside Lana Lang Where he supports her both as a boyfriend and a partner in crime , he ,his niece Natasha Irons (Prime Earth) and Lana make up Team Steel . When Lana Lang lost her Superwoman powers John was there to watch over her . And when it seemed her powers were gone he and Natasha created the Queen Insect suit. Later the two created a test chamber that they believed could restore Lana's powers by pushing her through her worst fears and doubts. The test chamber was successful and Lana's powers restored.

However during this whole ordeal John's brother Zeke had been kidnapped by the villain Skyhook and he along with Lana went to battle the villain head to head.






John Henry is dating Superwoman (Lana Lang).



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