John Jones was shipwrecked on a desert island. Stranded, he built an enormous fire using 734 books containing knowledge of every kind that he had salvaged from the wreck in the hopes of attracting a nearby ship to rescue him. Fortunately, he had first read and committed to memory every single fact the books contained during his long stay on the island. Jones's plan worked perfectly: the towering blaze was spotted by a passing ship, and he was rescued. On his return to the United States, he decided to put his hard-won knowledge to good use. Styling himself Genius Jones, he constructed a portable laboratory in the back of an old convertible, and offered to answer any question for a dime. When costumed heroes were in vogue during World War II, Jones called himself the Answer Man.


Strength level

  • Jones is extremely fleet of foot, nimble, and has extraordinary reflexes, due to living for ten years on a diet of hand-caught small game.