John Marlowe, a friend of Bruce Wayne, was a very wealthy scientist and inventor with a vast art collection. It is an attempt to steal a painting from this collection that brings Batman into contact with Everywhere Man. With the robbery botched, Everywhere man eluded Batman and ran into a closet. When the closet was opened, it was empty. After toying with Batman and Robin, Everywhere Man vanished, leaving the pair to deduce that they had been dealing with a gang of thieves who were all wearing identical costumes that created the illusion of only one perpetrator.

Further investigation revealed that Marlowe had created a device that could duplicate objects, including people. He had used the device on himself to expedite his research. One of these duplicates, frustrated at being viewed only as a tool, imprisoned the original Marlowe and replaced took his place. The duplicate then began stealing things using the device to both create a "gang" to commit the crimes and to leave a copy of the stolen item behind.

The original Marlowe was freed by Batman and Robin, who then tricked the bulk of the Everyman duplicates in to turning on the original duplicate. In the chaos, Marlowe was able to destroy the duplication device. Without the device all the duplicates dissolve.

Marlowe was not held responsible for the crimes that were committed by his duplicates.


Bio-Fission: Marlowe created a devise that could duplicate people and used it on himself as part of his research.



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