Captain John Wether, alias Pulse 8 was one of four soldiers selected for a military experiment in which they were given artificial metagenes, then set on the Justice League. When the new Ultramarine Corps discovered that General Eiling, was insane, they helped the League subdue him. Then, they went on to found Superbia. Superbia was a large, floating city created with the powers of Pulse 8. On that city he and the others became known as the International Ultramarine Corps.

Eventually, Pulse 8 started calling himself Master due to mastering his reality warping powers. The Corps had a confrontation with Gorilla Grodd and the Sheeda which ended with the team traveling to another dimension where there were no super-powered people to protect innocents.

Later, the Corps returned to their home dimension without explanation as to why they came back.


Wether's atomic structure is connected to the unified field harmonic, which allows him to exert control over fundamental forces of the universe. He has used this in a variety of ways, including controlling gravity and electromagnetism. As time went on, he became more skilled in the use of his power and began rewriting reality all-together.