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Johnny Rocketman was a member of a military post-human team, the Sons of Liberty during the Second World War. Johnny had fought in the Battle of Midway and the Korean War, and was a known racist. Up until their deal with Henry Bendix, all members of the Sons of Liberty were age ninety and beyond, and stationed in various retirement homes across the US.

Rejuvenated, Johnny rejoined the Sons of Liberty and started America's rebellion against the Authority. Even in the modern day, he is still a racist which earned him a stern scolding from Paul Revere. Ultimately, the Sons of Liberty fought the Authority in Washington, D.C. where Johnny was picked up by Swift and Apollo and thrown through the Washington Memorial before being capture by the Engineer. He was taken on board the Carrier while being examined by the Engineer and was de-aged by Bendix. Johnny is the only surviving member of his team.


  • Flight: Johnny Rocketman can allow himself to self-propel at alarming speed, which allows his helmet and suit do most of the damages, shredding flash at a hundred miles an hour.



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