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The Joker arguably has the largest single body count of any villain in the DCU. Cheshire, Mongul, Black Adam, and the Secret Society of Super Villains have all devastated entire cities, but the Joker probably has killed the most people in single acts. Part of Joker's high murder rate is because he is largely indiscriminate in how he kills, ranging from the traditional, such as knives, guns, and explosives, to his signature Joker venom and electric buzzer. This list excludes the Emperor Joker storyline, though it's worth mentioning that in that storyline, the Joker not only murdered Batman dozens of times over, but also destroyed first the entire planet, and then nearly the cosmos (luckily, it was all undone).

By Volume

Batman and Robin Vol 1 12 - Revealed to be responsible for five murders as the "Domino Killer" Batman and Robin Vol 1 13 - Revealed to have assumed the identity of Oberon Sexton after burying the real Sexton alive with his wife's corpse Batman and Robin Vol 1 16 - Poisons Doctor Hurt with Joker Toxin and then buries him alive

  • Tallied so far: 469+ ("+" stands for many unaccounted victims)
    • DCnU: 140+


  1. Teen Titans Vol 4 15

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