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Much like his New Earth counterpart, The Joker of Earth-43 is Batman's arch-enemy and would be treated for his murderous tendencies at Arkham Asylum. At one point, Gotham City was attacked by a group of vampires led by Dracula. However, the vampires were defeated by Batman who had become part vampire in the struggle. The Joker later lured the surviving vampires out of their underground lair, and convinced them to allow him to be their new leader. The vampires accepted, and the Joker appointed a vampire named Creach to be his second in command. The Joker and his new gang then set out to conquer Gotham's underworld. Their first target was Mafia don Boss Cardona. The vampires ambushed Cardona and his thugs at their hideout, drank their blood, and transformed them into night stalkers like themselves.

Next, the Joker and his vampiric minions led a seige on the estate of club owner Manny the Shark. The vampires made short work of Manny's goons, using a fish stuffed with dynamite as a makeshift bomb. The Joker declared that the mansion would be their new "home". Manny attcked the Joker, but before Creach could slash his throat, the Joker shot the crimeboss through the head, allowing his liutenant to feast on a naked woman in Manny's bedroom instead. With Gotham completely overrun with vampires, Joker decided to expand his new vampiric crime empire to the rest of the United States, and eventually the rest of the world.

However, the Joker's only threat was the team of the vampiric Batman and were-cat Selina Kyle. Batman managed to defeat Cardona and several vampires at the Cardona family crypt, and attacked the Joker at Manny's club. Though the Joker escaped, Manny was killed, and the vampires were ousted from their base. The Joker made a new hideout in a small church where he and the other vampires battled Batman and Cat-woman for the final time. Creach and all the other vampires were killed, but the Joker managed to kill Cat-woman with a crossbow bolt to the heart. With his last remaining tie to humanity destroyed, Batman attacked the Joker shrugging off crossbow bolts, and holy water. Batman snapped the Joker's neck and drank the murderer's cold, evil blood as he continued to laugh maniacly. Batman then stabbed the Joker in the heart with one of his wooden daggers, slaying the Joker before he died of the bloodloss, and then shattered the windows of the church, these two assaults ensuring that the Joker's corpse would be unable to become something worse in death than he was in life.

According to the administrator of Arkham Asylum, the mad house was much more peaceful without the sound of the Joker's psychotic laughter.


Ingenious criminal mind


Holy Water and crusifixes to repel rogue vampires.


Crossbow, guns, various weapons.



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