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Quote1 You think you can have a family. That locking me up would magically reform me... And they'll be safe. Quote2
-- The Joker src

Utilizing Scarecrow's Fear Toxin laced with Kryptonite, the Joker tricked Superman into taking what he thought was Doomsday into space, where it was really Lois, which killed both her and their unborn son. The Joker also had a heartbeat trigger connected to her, which triggered something that the Man of Steel could not be prepared for - the destruction of Metropolis. In the middle of an interrogation between Batman and the Joker, Superman broke through and after some goading from the Joker, he killed him by punching through his chest.




  • The Joker is not officially a member of the Insurgency, given that the organization does not form until some time after his death. However, in both the mobile version and console version of the game, Joker is listed as being an Insurgent.



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