A native of 10th century Scandinavia, Prince Jon, son of King Rikk, was a warrior of great power and skill. He travelled the world, his countless adventures inspiring many great legends and earning him the name the Viking Prince. Finally, after a bloody battle that left him the sole survivor, Jon met a Valkyrie sent to gather the spirits of the fallen heroes, and the pair fell in love. Sadly, the illicit affair was discovered by Odin, king of the Nordic gods, who in his rage, banished Jon from Valhalla. Jon begged for a chance at forgiveness, and Odin relented, saying if Jon could die a heroic death, he would be allowed back into Valhalla and able to be with his love. Odin, however, was as cruel as he was crafty. As Jon returned to Midgard, the deity cursed Jon with invulnerability to metal, wood, fire and water, ensuring no mortal weapon could EVER kill him. For countless years, Jon wandered the troubled world, seeking a warrior's end and growing ever more distant from humanity. Finally, tired from the endless fight for justice, Jon set sail for the far north, beyond all boundaries of the known world, never to be seen again.