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Jon, the Vyking Prince, was a young adventurous explorer who had led an expedition to map the "great lands of the south." However, after two years he fell victim to a mutinous crew. He was cast adrift on his ship's figurehead and left to perish in the sea. For days the Prince drifted in the sea and awoke to find a mysterious island (Dinosaur Island). Though relieved to be on land his joy was broken when attacked by a dragon (a triceratops). Fortunately the 'dragon' was attacked by another (a tyrannosaurus rex) giving the Prince the opportunity to escape. Despite being trapped the Prince was resourceful. He killed a sea beast (a giant prehistoric sea turtle) in order to use it's shell for the base of his raft. With the sea beast's meat for sustenance and the raft ready, the Prince escaped the island and beginning his long voyage home.



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