Raised by Apaches, Jonah Hex grew up learning how to hunt, track, fight and kill. After the Civil War, Jonah put his skills to use as a Bounty Hunter, tracking down criminals across the American frontier and bringing them to justice. Unlike most in his profession, Jonah was not driven solely by greed, and had a true sense of right and wrong.

While tracking his latest target, an outlaw named Red Doc, Jonah came to a small mining town called Lannsdale. After seeing off a young would-be gunslinger who tried to challenge him, Jonah stopped in the local saloon for a drink. He learned from one of the saloon girls that Red had been in the saloon just the night before. The girl explained that the owner of the establishment, Madame Lorraine, had made Red her latest in a line of victims. Jonah flashed some of his spending cash around to attract the attention of the murderous Madame, and the woman took the bait. After beating her henchmen in a fight, Jonah had Lorraine take him to one of the abandoned mine shafts outside of town and gathered Red's body. He left the Lorraine down in the shaft with her victims, remarking that he was not leaving her alone. She KNEW everyone else in the shaft. Jonah Hex had once again brought his brand of justice to the lawless west.