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Quote1 Ah've been around one heckuva long while, darlin'! Ah've met women whut've had bats in the belfry before! Quote2
-- Jonah Hex

Appearing in "The Pearl!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Maxwell Hilliard (Single appearance)
  • Sharon Hilliard (Single appearance)


  • Barney
  • Frank Atkins (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Mister Cranston (Single appearance)
  • Ned Landon (Single appearance) (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "The Pearl!"

Jonah Hex is sitting in a San Francisco gambling den, playing poker with a rich tycoon named Mister Cranston. After losing several hands, he decides to keep what little money he still owns and departs.

Wandering through the streets, he hears the shriek of a young woman from around the corner. Several masked bandits hassle her in regards to something called "the pearl". Jonah dives into the alley, guns blazing, and the bandits soon scatter.

The would-be victim introduces herself as Sharon Hilliard – the rich daughter of copper baron, Maxwell Hilliard. Sharon tells Jonah of her late boyfriend, Ned Landon – a sailor who had reputedly found a pearl large enough to earn him millions. Although Ned has since died, Sharon claims to know the location of the mysterious pearl. She asks Jonah's help in protecting her from future attacks.

The two book separate rooms at the San Francisco Hotel and Jonah is very troubled over his feelings concerning the young woman. He knows that he is at least twice her age, and feels that he will be unable to resist her feminine wiles.

The following day, Jonah meets a man named Frank Atkins on the streets of San Francisco. Frank represents Sharon's father, Maxwell Hilliard and tells him that Maxwell is very interested in meeting him. Despite a brief physical scuffle between Hex and Atkins, Jonah agrees to meet with Hilliard.

At Hilliard's lavish mansion, the old man warns Jonah of his daughter's penchant for sewing wild fictitious stories. He knows the story of the dead sailor and the mysterious pearl and insures Jonah that the entire tale is a fable.

Frank Atkins however has other ideas. He believes the story to be true, and takes measures to kidnap Sharon and Jonah. He brings them to one of the Hilliard copper mills and prepares to throw them into a smelting bin. Jonah manages to escape and knocks Atkins and his men unconscious. Sharon confesses that her story concerning the pearl is a lie.


  • Jonah gets shot in the same leg in which he suffered an injury in issue #62.


Hex body count: 2

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