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Quote1 Both muh six-guns is so clogged up with swamp muck, they'd be more likely tuh fire bird droppin's than bullets! Quote2
-- Jonah Hex

Appearing in "Resurrections"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Al (Single appearance)
  • Brett (Single appearance)
  • Camille (Single appearance)
  • Charlie (Single appearance)
  • Grey Ghost I (Single appearance) (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Grey Ghost II (Jeremy Ashford) (Single appearance)
  • Sandy (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Mister Conklin (Single appearance)
  • Spence (Single appearance)



  • Colt Revolvers


Synopsis for "Resurrections"

Jonah packs up his belongings and prepares to leave Adrian Sterling's mansion. She begs him to stay, but Jonah confesses that he cannot live the life of a Southern gentelmen. He walks out, and Adrian curses herelf for letting Jonah out of her life.

Elsewhere, Brett converses with Emmylou concerning their most recent robbery. Emmy's bandana had fallen sway during the event, exposing her face to several witnesses. Camille and Sandy notice that Brett has been giving more attention to Emmylou than he has been to them, and angrily voice their objections.

Meanwhile, Jonah Hex boards a train leaving New Orleans and heads out west. Midway through the journey, four robbers detonate a supply of dynamite on the tracks, derailing the train. Many people aboard the train are killed, but Hex manages to survive.

Jonah frees himself from the wreckage and heads into the swamplands for cover. He discovers that his Colts are clogged with mud and are useless to him. The robbers begin scouring the swamps looking for him, but Jonah begins setting up various traps and snares. One crook finds himself smashed up against a tree, while another falls into a hastily made punji pit.

Back in Louisiana, Jeremy Ashford attends his father’s deathbed. His father, the patriotic vigilante once known as the Gray Ghost passes the mantle of his identity onto his son. He forces him to swear allegiance towards upholding the traditions of the south, and then dies. Jeremy promises to become the new Gray Ghost.

By nightfall, the surviving criminals have yet to capture Jonah and decide to set up camp. Jonah's guns are still useless, but he manages to sneak up behind them and leaps down out of a tree. Flying into a frenzy, Jonah manages to knock both men out with a flurry of solid punches.

The following morning, Jonah arrives in a nearby town to collect the bounty on the four robbers. While at the bail bonds office, he sees a wanted poster with Emmylou's face on it.



Hex body count: 3 (counting the Gray Ghost who dies from injuries suffered by Hex in an earlier issue).

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