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Quote1 Yo're all gonna hang! 'Cept'n fer you, sugar muffin! You pout yore sweet lips at thet judge, Ah'm bettin' he'll let you off easy as pie! Quote2
-- Jonah Hex

Appearing in "The Saloon Girl and the Outlaw Queen"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Al
  • Brett
  • Camille
  • Eddie
  • Lew
  • Monty (Only appearance; dies)
  • Sandy
  • Nate (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Bill (Behind the scenes)
  • Mister Dietz
  • Temple Star (Only appearance; dies)
  • Willie



  • Colt Revolvers


Synopsis for "The Saloon Girl and the Outlaw Queen"

Jonah Hex is in a bail bonds office and sees a wanted poster depicting Emmylou Hartley's image. As he walks outside with the poster, four outlaws take sight of him and open fire. These men recognize Hex and want revenge upon him for an unknown previous encounter.

Jonah dives across the street and takes down one of the men, Nate, with his six-shooter. He then ducks behind several stacked crates of whiskey. Monty, the leader of the gang, sets a newspaper on fire and throws it towards Jonah, hoping to flush him out from behind his cover. As the area fills with smoke, Hex throws several bullets into the whiskey crates. The bullets begin going off, and Jonah uses the smoke to hide his escape.

He circles back around the block and sneaks into a hotel across the street. He leaps down from an upstairs window and gets the drop on Monty and his gang. He then escorts them to the sheriff's office and collects the bail.

Meanwhile, another gang of criminals find Emmylou's wanted poster and decide to capitalize on her outlaw status. Their leader, Lew, buys a blond wig and forces his cohort, Eddie to wear it, so that he will look like Emmylou. The rest of the gang don their masks and prepare to rob a train.

Upon the train in question is Adrian Sterling. Having left New Orleans, she is now traveling west in the hopes of finding Jonah Hex. Adrian shares a car with a former dancer and barmaid named Temple Starr. Temple shows Adrian a locket containing a photograph of her former lover, Bill. Adrian asks if she could try the locket on and Temple agrees.

Lew and his gang attack the train and barge into the passenger cars. Lew shoots Temple point-blank in the face killing her. He then bludgeons Adrian across the head with the butt of his gun. When she awakens, she finds herself in a physician's office with no memory of who she is, or how she came to be there. The doctor (unaware of the true events on the train) finds the locket and tells Adrian that her real name is Temple Starr. After healing from her injuries, Adrian leaves the doctor's office and attempts to find gainful employment. She begins working as a waitress at the Diamond Horseshoe Saloon.

The following day, Jonah goes to a tavern in the hopes of finding the gang responsible for framing Emmylou. He discovers Lew and Eddie sitting at a table, with Eddie still wearing the blond wig he donned while robbing the train. After making several humorous remarks at Eddie's expense, Jonah shoots him in the arm. He brings Lew and the others to the Sheriff's office and tells them that the woman in the wanted posters is actually a man. He is content to let Eddie take the fall for all of Emmylou's crimes.

However, the real Emmylou, along with Brett, Sandy and Camille waylay a stagecoach in the town of Pine Butte at the same time that Jonah is having his altercation with Lew and Eddie. Witnesses describe seeing a pig-tailed outlaw matching Emmylou's description.

The next morning, Brett, Emmylou, Sandy and Camille attempt to rob the Assayer's office in the town of Red Dog. Jonah Hex learns of their activity and races there to confront Emmy. As Hex bursts into the office, Emmylou spins around and instinctively fires her gun, shooting Jonah in the stomach.



Hex body count: 2

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