"Retribution, Part I of III": Wyoming Badlands, 1868

Quote1 I'm sending you to ta Hell with a message. When you meet the Devil... tell 'em Jonah Hex sends his regards. Quote2
-- Jonah Hex

Appearing in "Retribution, Part I of III"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • None


  • Ackerman (Single appearance)
  • Blix (Single appearance)
  • Fulsome (Single appearance)
  • Pete (Single appearance)
  • Rick "Rufus" Debun (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Nathan (Single appearance)



  • Colt Revolvers


  • None

Synopsis for "Retribution, Part I of III"

Wyoming Badlands, 1868

Five outlaws, including former Union officer Captain Fulsome gather around a campfire at night. They discuss a recent robbery and the subsequent evasion of a pursuing posse. Suddenly, a mysterious stranger attacks from the shadows, taking each outlaw down one by one. He saves Captain Fulsome for last.

Flashback: Fort Donelson, Tennessee, 1862

The Union army of West Tennessee raids a Confederate garrison. Rebel soldier Jonah Hex dives into the Union soldiers, slicing at them with a tomahawk. Captain Fulsome mans a Gatling gun and riddles Hex's body with bullets. Senior officer Colonel Ackerman orders all of the men at the garrison killed except for Jonah.

Flashback: Cumberland River, September 18th, 1862

Colonel Ackerman and Captain Fulsome tie Jonah Hex to a makeshift crucifix on top of a skiff. Fulsome begins whipping him, and the resulting injuries scars Jonah's face and right eye. Having caused him sufficient agony, the Union officers set the skiff sailing down the river.
Before long a man named Nathan and his son find Jonah's unconscious form upon the skiff. They bring him into their spacious home and nurse him back to health.

Flashback: January 17th, 1863

Colonel Fulsome and a group of soldiers raid Nathan's home searching for Hex. They shoot Nathan in cold blood and prepare to rape his wife. Jonah Hex rushes out and begins hacking at the soldiers with an axe. He kills several of them, but Fulsome gets away.

Wyoming Badlands, 1868

Fulsome takes refuge inside of a brothel, but the mysterious stranger who killed his men manages to find him. It is Jonah Hex. Having searched for him for five long years, Jonah exacts revenge upon the man who tortured him.

Hex body count: 10 (includes flashback sequences)


  • This book was first published on November 1, 2006.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Jonah Hex: Origins collection.
  • This issue re-imagines Jonah Hex's origins. In the revised origin, Captain Fulsome is responsible for Jonah's scarred face and ruined eye. In the original continuity, an Apache chieftain branded Hex with the Mark of the Demon.
  • In the original continuity, Hex's capture at Fort Donelson took place at Fort Charlotte. The incident became known as the Fort Charlotte Massacre.


  • The tagline for this story is "The Shocking Origin of Jonah Hex".

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