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"One Wedding & Fifty Funerals": The town of Blood Creek, Texas is aflame. Jonah Hex stands against seven men. He kills six of them before his bullets run out.

Quote1 I don't know yer business here, but you just shot my horse for no good reason. I had no quarrel with you boys, but that's all over now. Quote2
-- Jonah Hex

Appearing in "One Wedding & Fifty Funerals"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Margaret Decker (Only appearance; dies)
  • Peter Decker (Only appearance; dies)


  • Brian Albert (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Redgrave (Only appearance; dies)



  • Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Sheriff's star


  • Horse

Synopsis for "One Wedding & Fifty Funerals"

The town of Blood Creek, Texas is aflame. Jonah Hex stands against seven men. He kills six of them before his bullets run out.

Flash back one week to the wedding of Peter and Mararet Drecker. Jonah Hex is there to take Peter Drecker back to El Paso and collect a bounty. Peter has agreed to cooperate if Hex allows him to get married first. Hex has agreed. During the wedding reception, a jilted suitor of Margaret's appears with some friends. Hex saves Margaret from a bullet from the man's gun and fights them off.

The next morning in El Paso, Hex turns in Peter Drecker's body, because he was killed in the raid on the wedding the previous day. In town, he discovers that Drecker is not the true outlaw, he just looks much like the fugitive the sheriff has already caught and obtained a confession from. Hex informs the sheriff of who killed Drecker, an innocent man, and that Hex will be bringing him in for a bounty.

One week later, Hex chases the killer into Blood Creek, Texas, where he is shot upon entering the town by several men with rifles. The men also shoot Hex's horse. It seems that this group of men have run off the entire town of Blood Creek to possess the oil rig in the town. Lighting strikes the rig, setting it aflame and Hex starts shooting. He shoots six men and runs out of bullets. The seventh foe mocks Hex as he takes up his rifle. Hex digs around in his pocket, finding a deputy's star, which he throws at his opponent, blinding the man's left eye. He then rushes the man and drives the star into his brain, killing him. Hex collects his bounty and takes the body back to the widow, to give her some closure. He arrives to find that Margaret has taken her own life.



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