Quote1 You only need to ask yourself how you are going to save them. How will you fight back when your every defensive blow will crush a skull? Break an arm? Make a cripple? We are LEGION! Quote2
-- Scarecrow src


Batman became a bat so that criminals would fear him. But he never forgot that they too, use fear. Johnathan Crane was called a scarecrow long before he turned to crime, wore a costume, and created fear-based hallucination-inducing gasses to render his victims powerless before him.

There are some, in academic circles, who suggest that Crane turned to crime and his masquerade because of the jeers and taunts of peers back when he was a professor of psychology. But crime is more than merely the result of the effects of such opperssion. Crime is a choice. The desire to take advantege of someone else is one that overwhelms the desire to live rightly with others.

The want for power over others, the need to be feared: these are common elements among those who commit crime and those who fight it. It may be truth that Crane fears most: that he had a choice and chose poorly. [1]