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Quote1 There's nothing to fear but fear itself! Quote2
-- Scarecrow src

Batman Begins

Insanity and Corruption

Crane first appears while testifying in court, stating that the criminal Victor Zsasz is, "As dangerous to himself, as he is to everyone else around him." Crane convinces the judge and jury that Zsasz is insane, so that Zsasz is sent to Arkham Asylum.

While leaving the courthouse he is confronted by Rachel Dawes, who notes that Zsasz was the third of Falcone's thugs that Crane
Crane and Dawes
had declared insane and had sent to Arkham. Crane tries to win the argument by saying that, "Perhaps butchering for the mob has an attraction to the insane." Crane continues walking when Dawes says, "Or the corrupt." Crane stops, annoyed, as District Attorney Carl Finch walks towards Rachel. Crane tells him to remind her of all accusations she can make, "If any." Crane then walks away.

Meeting with Falcone

Later Crane has a meeting with the top mob boss in Gotham City, Carmine Falcone. Crane tells Falcone that it is becoming very risky to keep declaring his thugs insane, since Dawes is now on to him. Falcone mentions how he has been bringing in Crane's drugs for months now, and wants favors. Crane replies by saying that they are already paying him for that. Falcone just replies that sometimes he prefers favors over money. Crane tells Falcone that his boss wouldn't like to hear that Falcone is endangering their operation just so he can get some of his men out of jail time. He then tells Falcone about how a DA is sniffing around. Falcone suggest just buying her off, but Crane says that it won't work. "An idealist huh," Falcone says, "Well, there's an answer for that too." "I don't want to know," Crane replies. "Yes you do," Falcone then says.

My Mask

After he was captured by Batman, Falcone slit his wrists in normal prison, going for the insanity plea. Crane was called down to the prison just in case Falcone was indeed insane. Upon entering his cell, Falcone begins to complain about how he is having to pretend he is insane, joking, "A few more days of this food, and it will be true." When Crane asks what he wants, Falcone replies that he wants to know how Crane will keep him from talking about what he's doing. "You don't know anything," Crane replies. Falcone reveals that he knows that the cops would find something if they examined Crane's drugs closer, and about Crane's experiments on the inmates of Arkham saying, "I never get into business with a man without learning his dirty secrets." Falcone says that he knows Crane's boss is planning something big, and wants to know what it is. "I know what he'd say," Crane replies, "That we should kill you." Falcone shrugs this off saying that not even he could get him in Gotham. Crane then says, "Would you like to see my mask? I use it in my experiments." Crane pulls out his mask and tells Crane about how the crazies at Arkham are frightened by it. As Crane puts it on Falcone says, "When did the nut takeover the nuthouse?" Crane fires a gas from his briefcase at Falcone, making him panic. Crane then leaves the cell and tells a worker, "He's not faking. Not that one. I'll have him moved to a secure wing at Arkham, I can't treat him here." He then walks away.

Shortly after this Rachel Dawes shows up at Arkham to confront Crane about the motion he filed with the judge on Falcone being insane. Rachel views a drugged Falcone through the window on his cell door and tells Crane she is having her own physician come test Falcone's drug levels to "see exactly what he put him on". Realizing he may be found out, Crane brings Rachel into the basement of Arkham. As she sees Crane's thugs pouring the fear Toxin into Gotham's water supply, he says "This is where we make the medicine. Perhaps you should have some....clear your head." Rachel runs for the elevator to escape, but Crane shoots her with the fear toxin and brings her back into the underground lab. Crane attempts to interrogate Rachel in his lab as to who knows about her being there. More scared than anything else, Rachel is unable to answer Crane and she blacks out. Crane and his goons hear Batman rumbling in the rafters. His men ask him what they should do and Crane tells them to call the cops. After a few reluctant responses, he explains that they've already come far enough with their operation that interference from the cops won't hurt their operation. He also says that the cops will take the Batman down themselves. Batman strikes and shoots Crane with his own fear toxin. Batman appears as a demonic apparition to Crane and finds out that Crane is working for Ras Al' Ghul. Batman knocks out Crane and leaves him for Gordon.

Gordon has Crane committed at Arkham after discovering what Crane had been doing. During the attack on the Narrows, the League of Shadows frees Crane from Arkham. One of the SWAT impersonators hands crane his mask and says "It's time to play". Once the fear toxin is released on Gotham, Crane appears on a Police Horse and chases Rachel and a small boy into an alley. Under the influence of the fear toxin, the horse appears to be breathing fire. Crane refers to himself as Scarecrow and infamously states "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself". Rachel shoots crane with her taser and the horse rides off with him slumped over on it.

At the end of the film Gordon is explaining to Batman that they have not caught all of the criminals that were released yet and names Crane specifically as one of those still on the loose.

Jonathan Crane (Nolanverse) 003

Scarecrow as he appeared in The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Crane appears as having cornered the local drug trade, peddling his fear toxin to unsuspecting customers with the unwitting help of the mob. Here, he makes deals with local gangsters before a group of Batman impostors try to stop the meeting in a parking garage. When the real Batman arrives, he quickly apprehends Scarecrow by jumping on a van the former tried to escape with. Scarecrow is presumably taken back to Arkham, as he is shown tied up with the other criminals.

The Dark Knight Rises

After Bane takes control of Gotham, Crane is seemingly freed from Arkham and acts as the judge in a kangaroo court held by the city's lower classes, offering the rich and powerful a choice between death or exile.

Crane in the Dark Knight Rises

Crane acting as a judge in The Dark Knight Rises


  • Expert Chemist: Crane was able to weaponize the blue flower compound used by the league of shadows to create his fear toxin.


  • Scarecrow's Fear Toxin: Crane constructed his own fear gas that can be deployed from his wrist gauntlets[1] or in mass doses.[2]
  • Scarecrow's Mask: Crane carried a mask made out of cloth that he used to scare his victims, what his victims saw was reflected on the mask.


  • Black Horse: During his siege on Gotham, Scarecrow rode a black horse.
  • Murphy originally auditioned to play Bruce Wayne.[citation needed]
  • Crane is the only villain to appear in every movie of the Nolanverse series.



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