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Jonny Double's past is shrouded in mystery. Double was originally a planclothes policeman working in San Francisco, but he left the force and opened up a small private investigation firm on the San Francisco waterfront. For much of his career, Jonny Double solved mundane street-level mysteries. Although Double teamed up with Power Girl at one point to defeat the underworld leader Doctor Tzin-Tzin, that brief foray into the outlandish remains an anomaly. The down-on-his-luck investigator's closes ties are to the foggy streets of San Francisco, and to his various confidantes like Fish-Eye, a pool shark, and Crystal Cross, an attractive local waitress.

After accepting a simple job to watch a rich man's rebellious daughter, Double found himself embroiled in the dark intrigues of a mob eager to get to sealed bank accounts that once belonged to mobster Al Capone.[1]




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