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In the present day, headlines proclaim a cure for cancer. However, it also poisons the blood against vampires. Luring Andrew Bennett to a pyramid that housed magic rings, Mary uses them to travel back to October 1888. Bennett follows and is mistaken for Jack the Ripper. Fleeing, but weak from not feeding, he collapses and is taken in by Dr. Kelsey and Kelsey's assistant, Penny Bower. Dr. Kelsey gave Bennett a transfusion of his own blood. The doctors saved Penny from a life of prostitution. Bennett assists Kelsey with his medical work. When a newspaper arrives with a sketch of his face under the headline "Ripper Strikes Again!", Kelsey plans to prove to Scotland Yard that Bennett is not the Ripper.

Bennett recalls the article about Allen Barr, the inventor of the cancer serum, who was described as "the eminent Dr. Barr is the son of a Soho mother who, in her younger days, narrowly escaped becoming the victim of Jack the Ripper." He deduces that Mary's plan is to kill Barr's ancestor, preventing the cancer cure.

He convinces Penny to help him find Mary. They do, at a place called "Taylor and Holmes" - Penny's sister, Lacey, is apparently dead on the ground, a victim of Mary, posing as the Ripper. Bennett confronts her, but, as she tries to make her escape, Kelsey grabs her arm, revealing himself as the Ripper. Mary manages to escape, but Kelsey accidently stabs himself to death struggling with Bennett (as he turns into a bat).

Two bobbies appear, one revealed to be Office Joseph Allen Barr, Penny's future husband, and ancestor of Dr. Barr.

He confessed to being the Ripper, but so have several other people.