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Quote1 And there's one thing I do know, son, and that is you are here for a reason. Quote2
-- Jonathan Kent src

Jonathan Kent was the man who found the star ship that carried Jor-El's son Kal-El to Earth as it crash-landed in Smallville. He also discovered that young Kal-El also had superpowers, as he as a three-year-old boy easily lifted up Jonathan's pickup truck after it fell off its jack. Jonathan taught Kal-El, whom he named Clark Kent after the middle name of his wife Martha Kent, that he was given powers for a reason, and not for just showing off in front of his friends as he did when he outraced them back to his own house. In Clark's late teens, Jonathan suffered a fatal stroke and died, leaving Martha a widow and his adopted son Clark feeling shameful that, with all his powers, he was unable to save his father.