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Quote1 Frankly, I don't much care what happens to you. But your little war games are keeping me from going back "home." So call off your hounds before I tear off your head and punt it into space. Quote2
-- Superboy src

In one possible future, Jon Lane Kent was the son of Superman and Lois Lane. After the demise of Kon-El, he became the second Superboy.


Born under a yellow sun, he had great power, until he fell ill three weeks before his fourth birthday. Neither Superman nor Lex Luthor could find the cause, and they believed he died shortly after. Time traveler Harvest did know what was wrong with the kid, and knew it was only temporary. It was a natural side effect of his mixed genes. He took the boy's body and cured him of his ailments with advanced future medical technology. Harvest raised him as his own, and used him as an instrument in his ongoing battle against "metas". With hate and violence, he created a perfect soldier. When he was in his teens, Jon again suffered from the unstable genes, and Harvest knew the only way to save him was with new DNA samples from his parents. He created a clone of Superman and Lois, Kon-El, to supply the proper genetic material.[1]

Teen Titans

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  • Unique Physiology: As the son of Superman and Lois Lane, Jon Kent has a unique DNA sequence which combines both human and Kryptonian physiology. As such Jon has access to powerful abilities which he has shown to develop since he was born.[1]
  • Telekinesis: Jon's telekinesis is extremely advanced. He can use it to create subtle effects as well as larger, more destructive assaults. Through intelligent use of his telekinesis, Jon is also capable of a number of other feats.[1][2][3]
  • Invisibility: Though he cannot do this with enormous success, Jon can use TK to bend light around him, making him invisible at least until someone disturbs him.[4]
  • Enhanced Senses: By touching the solid face of a building, Jon can see everything within the building.[4]
  • Force Field: Jon can use his telekinesis to create fields that block both physical and energy attacks.[4][2][3]
  • Telepathy: Although the extent of his psionic abilities are not fully known, Jon can at the very least extract thoughts from individuals with low psychic defenses.[2]
  • Power Absorption: When Jon kills a metahuman, he can feed off their energy, becoming stronger.
  • Superhuman Strength: As the son of Superman, Jon Kent has superhuman strength. He's strong enough to lift multiple human beings out into space[3], strong enough to strangle Wonder Girl[4] and strong enough to topple through buildings without his telekinesis.
  • Self-Sustenance: Jon Kent does not need to breathe in space. He can speak in the vacuum of space just fine.[3]


  • Leadership: Under the tutelage of Harvest, Jon has learned how to control the masses. However, Harvest assumes he was a quick study due to his already controlling nature.[1]


  • Cellular Incompatability: Jon's body is not the perfect union between man and alien. He suffers from crippling spasms which can kill him if he is not saved by futuristic technology. It claimed his life once and twice before Harvest put him in stasis.[1]



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