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A high ranking scientist on Krypton, Jor-El was a member of the ancient and noble House of El, one of Krypton's five ruling families. Over the course of his life, he created many scientific wonders that brought peace and prosperity to all Kryptonians. Jor-El was one of the few members of the scientist caste who realized Krypton's ancient enemy, the Dheronians, had found a way to prevent the heat and pressure from Krypton's core from dissapating to the surface. Jor-El and his colleagues attempted to convince the ruling council of their findings, but by the time they were able to make their leaders believe them, it was already too late. Determined not to let his people's culture die, Jor and his wife, Lara, placed their infant son, Kal-El, into a prototype rocket Jor had built, etching lessons on Krypton's culture and history onto the very MOLECULES of the ship. Jor and Lara launched the rocket just as Krypton began to explode, using the resulting energy shockwave to disguise the ship's energy signature from any Dheronian scanners. Jor's last moment with his wife was spent watching the rocket soar away toward a small out of the way planet orbiting a yellow star and populated by a race of beings indistinguishable in outward appearance from Kryptonians.



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