Jor-El's clone was created 20 years before the destruction of Krypton, and had all of Jor-El's memories before then.

Jor-El managed to make his way to the Kent Farm. Remembering the fond memories he had in his youth, he returned to see the loving place he was welcomed in. Inside the Kents' house, Jor-El met Chloe Sullivan, whom he befriended and learned much about his life and fate of Krypton and the son he had not known about. Chloe introduced Jor-El to all of Clark's belongings, allowing him to get a glimpse of his son. When he sensed danger, Jor-El used a Kryptonian pressure hold to make Chloe unconscious. He was then captured by Tess Mercer, and she requested that he convince Zod and the Kandorians that he is the Blur, in order to protect Kal-El. However, Basqat and Faora had Jor-El taken from the cellar in the Luthor Mansion, orchestrated by Zod. Zod beat Jor-El for taking away their powers and refusing to resurrect his son. Though Jor-El knew of Zod's fate, he still hoped for the best and apologized that if he did as Zod asked, maybe he would not be the villain he would become. Zod was able to discover that Jor-El had a son and had him released.

Clark finally found Jor-El at the Kent Farm, only to see that Jor-El had a fatal wound. Before dying in his son's arms, Jor-El told Clark that he was so proud of him and asked him to save Zod. Clark buried Jor-El's body.

While Chloe was going over footage of Jor-El in the Kents' house, she discovered that Jor-El had hidden the Book of Rao in the house.



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