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Quote1 See that, kid? That's what happens when you try to be a hero. Quote2
-- Joe Chill src

Joe Chill was a petty criminal who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents Thomas and Martha Wayne as they where walking through Crime Alley behind the Monarch Theater with their son. Chill's murder of his parents drove Bruce Wayne to eventually become Gotham's Caped Crusader, Batman. It is never revealed if Chill was ever identified, caught, and/or imprisoned for his crimes, or if Batman ever discovered the identity of his parents killer. Although Chill apparent motivation was to simply rob the Wayne's of their money and jewelry, things quickly escalated out of control when Thomas Wayne tried to fight to defend his wife and son, resulting in Chill killing the Wayne's in cold blood, however left young Bruce alive.

What is known is Chill's action that night left a profound impact on Batman's psyche, to the point that he occasionally experiences vivid post-traumatic flashbacks of that night in Batman: Arkham Origins (in the Batcave after returning from the Royal Hotel) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (while under the influence of Scarecrow's Fear Toxin). At one point during Arkham Origins, while investigating the murder of Bruce Wayne's socialite friends Clarissa Rodriguez and Horace Riley in Crime Alley a few feet away to where his parents had been gunned down. The couple had been killed by fellow socialite and mobster Ian Chase who murdered the two of them out of jealousy over Clarissa choosing to date Horace over him. Bruce angered by the deaths of his friends and the similarities to his parents murder caused him to project his anger towards Chill onto Ian, and almost ended up killing in anger over Ian's petty reasons for killing the couple, though Alfred managed to talk Batman out of killing Chase and prevented Batman from violating his oath not to kill. Chill's use of a gun also contributed to Batman's aversion to using firearms.

In Arkham Knight, several of Batman's Fear Toxin-induced hallucinations of Joker allude to Chill and he even goading Batman into using a illusionary "gun" on Scarecrow during their confrontation on Simon Stagg's airship , by comparing Crane to his parents murderer.


  • Gun: Being a petty criminal, Chill used an ordinary handgun to threaten the Wayne's in Crime Alley, however ended up shooting the Wayne's when Thomas Wayne tried to defend his wife and child.