Joseph Willowbrook works as a professor at Central Kansas A&M University and he descends from the Kawatche tribe who believed in a legend of a hero from the stars with the strength of ten men who can burn things with his eyes. They call him Naman. According to the legend, the alien brought green stones with him, which affected the people in strange ways. Some of the people became "skinwalker"; they could change into animals.

Joseph's advocacy for saving a collection of caves from being destroyed by LuthorCorp caused local authorities to believe that he had been involved with the murder of a LuthorCorp foreman. After his granddaughter Kyla was revealed to be responsible in her wolf form, he gave Clark Kyla's bracelet, telling Clark to give it to the one he was destined to be with. A year later, Joseph helped Clark stop Jeremiah Holdsclaw when he started using the powers of the Starblade. Although Clark denied his apparent destiny as Naman, Joseph nevertheless assured Clark that he would keep his secret, and spoke in Clark's defense when confronting Jeremiah.

  • Joseph Willowbrook was played by Gordon Tootoosis.



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