Quote1 The walls of his carefully constructed existence will come crumbling down around him. The horns will sound and the battle cry will be given. He will beg us for mercy when we are finished, mother. We will give none to him. He will know and tremble at the wrath of Jericho! Quote2
-- Jericho src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Astral Projection: Jericho can separate his "soul-self" from his physical body.
    • Possession: Jericho's soul-self can enter and control the bodies of others
  • Psychic Energy Manipulation:(Possibly Formerly) Joseph possesses an as of yet unexplained ability to project a form of psionic force from his mind which can have devastating effects both on the mental and physical level when used.[2]
    • Telekinesis: On the physical side, Jericho could often yet uncontrollably employ his abilities as an invisible blast wave that eviscerates everything around him.[2]
      • Psionic Rupturing: Jericho could emit his mental energy as a devastating blast of raw energy which could blow apart living bodies or inorganic elements with ease.[3]
      • Psionic Shield: Jericho learned to project his power into a protective barrier to shield him and a select from from a plane crash.[4]
    • Telepathy: Joseph is an exceptional if incredibly raw mentalist, with very little control over his abilities aside. He's adept enough to reach into a persons mindscape in order to coax them back to cognizance.[5]



  • Dormant Body: Whenever Jericho leaves his body, it is vulnerable to physical harm due to it being completely immobile.
  • Power Instability: Joseph often had very little to no control over his psychic powers, often unleashing devastating mind pulses which devastated the surrounding area like a small atom bomb.[2]
  • Mental Illness: Jericho suffered from migraines that stemmed from psychological causes.[1]
  • Mutism: According to his mother, Joseph had his throat slashed by Deathstroke as a child,[12] but it was later revealed that was by one of his father's enemies[13] (in fact Adeline blames her ex-husband).[14]