Quote1 The walls of his carefully constructed existence will come crumbling down around him. The horns will sound and the battle cry will be given. He will beg us for mercy when we are finished, mother. We will give none to him. He will know and tremble at the wrath of Jericho! Quote2
-- Jericho src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Possession: Jericho's soul-self can enter and control the bodies of others



  • Dormant Body: Whenever Jericho leaves his body, it is vulnerable to physical harm due to it being completely immobile.
  • Mental Illness: Jericho suffered from migraines that stemmed from psychological causes.[1]
  • Drug Addiction: Jericho relied upon medications to cope with the symptoms of his migraines rather than deal with the causes.[5]


  • Subvocal Mic: Jericho has an app that vocalizes his thoughts on his phone, granting him the ability to communicate without having to resort to sign language.