Quote1 Look up "slippery" in the dictionary and you get Josiah Wormwood. Quote2
-- James Gordon src

Josiah Wormwood is an an information extractor that uses deathtraps to obtain what he wants.

Wormwood was responsible for stealing $750,000 in bonds from the International Relief Consortium. In order to make him reveal the location of the bonds, Batman disguised himself as The Baron Wacklaw Josek and hired Wormwood to retrieve Batman's cape and cowl and deliver it to Josek.

Wormwood used two deathtraps to steal Batman's cape and cowl, the first one in a train yard and the second one in a wax museum. He succeeded in retrieving the cape and cowl and gave it to Josek and asked what did he wanted it for. Josek told him that first he must reveal the location of the bonds and Wormwood agrees. Josek then reveals himself as Batman and his plot was to use Wormwood in order to make him confess about the bonds.

Wormwood was turned into the police and sent to prison.


  • Josiah Wormwood was voiced by Bud Cort.



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