Judy Tanner née Sullivan was once just a normal hairdresser living in San Francisco with her husband Jack. She had lived a normal and rather unassuming lifestyle without realizing that her husband harbored a dark secret. He was actually an assassin called the Extremist in service to a secret society known as the Order.

In June of 1993, Jack and she had been exiting a sushi bar when a cloaked man approached them, stabbed Jack in the stomach and quickly disappeared. Jack died in Judy's arms, and the only thing she could think to say to him in these final moments was a meager confession, "I dye my hair".

As expected of a widow, Judy fell into a deep malaise. While cleaning out Jack's belongings she found an envelope in an old pair of pants. The envelope led her to a secret apartment that Jack had maintained - an apartment that contained all of the trappings of his double life. She found the leather straps that comprised the Extremist's costume, as well as a series of cassette tapes revealing Jack's activities while wearing the costume. She learned that Jack was an assassin for the order, charged with murdering those that threatened to expose their illicit affairs.

Although she now hated her late husband, she was determined to avenge him. She donned the Extremist costume and used Jack's notes to find one of the Order's many seamy bondage clubs. Here she met Patrick, Jack's sponsor in the Order. Patrick brought Judy fully into the Order and impressed upon her the need to continue Jack's work. Judy had no interest in assuming such a role, and insisted that she would only wear the Extremist costume until she could determine who had murdered her husband. Patrick's influence was invasive though. Within short order, Judy found herself completely immersed in the decadent lifestyle of the Order. Patrick promised to help her in this endeavor, but in the meantime, she was to continue the masquerade of the Extremist. Patrick had her target and eliminate several individuals whose existence proved dangerous to the club.

In January of 1994, Judy discovered a woman who confessed to killing Jack. Judy killed her without remorse. She soon learned however that this was a fabrication and that it was actually Patrick who had murdered her husband. He did so because Jack had refused to abandon his wife and commit himself fully to the Order. Judy wanted to kill Patrick, but even this proved to be next to impossible. He convinced Judy that by eliminating her husband, he had set her free. Judy fully embraced the identity of the Extremist and continued to serve as the Order's assassin of decadence.


Leather bondage gear costume that completely conceals the body


Short sword



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