Quote1 I might answer your latter question, Sergeant. I'm right here ... and I've just pulled a rope, trapping us all in my den ... where a million spiders will kill the three of you! Quote2
-- Black Spider src

Jules Rey was convicted of murder and deported to his native France, and imprisoned in a dungeon, where he went blind, went mad, and befriended a number of large, deadly spiders. His favorite spider was Suzy; she was about as big as a mouse.

Seeking vengeance on the people who sent him to prison, Rey returned to the U.S., adopted the identity "Black Spider", assembled a gang, and set up a hideout under a hollow oak tree in the forest near the city. From here he conducted his campaign of terror. The Black Spider's modus operandi included sending written threats to his victims, kidnapping his victims, bringing them to his hidden lair, and having his spiders kill them, then removing the bodies to be found elsewhere. After murdering seven other victims, the Black Spider attempted to do away with Sgt. Kent, which drew the attention of Bulletman and Bulletgirl, who very quickly ended his career.



  • He's blind.


trained pet venomous spiders

enemy of Bulletman



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