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Personal History

Julia Nascimento Bacellar. Julia Bax, as is known in the art world, was born in Belém (a beautiful and warm city of the Brazilian Amazonia) in the early 1980s. Came to São Paulo (state, not the city), more specifically San Jose dos Campos, with only a few months old.

There came into contact with the comics (superhero - Asterix and the child since she was reading before leaving the diaper) at the tender age of 12 years. In love with the hero of the era - Jim Lee - I loved to copy his drawings and dreamed of becoming when you grew up artist. She grew up and ended up at the College of Engineering - USP for a mistake. After a brief spell there and the School of Visual Arts at USP also found himself in the world of academic economics, where it is on the verge of graduation.

During that time, he resumed contact with the drawing and comic books to attend the course in Anatomy of Super Heroes in Quanta, Roger Cruz. Was recommended by the editors of this to Kaos!, And drew two stories published in the latter. By a stroke of luck, got a place on the album Puzzle Chin Technorama Volume 2 published by Devir and by Quanta, outlining a history of 12 pages. After reviving a taste for something, and also studied with Cariello perspective.

At this moment, already taken by the desire to continue drawing, left the stage in the bank to focus on design and the academic activities at FEA-USP. Today his dream is to become a Ph.D. in economics (his favorite hobby) while earning a living in the world of comics

Professional History

Has a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo although she lives from her art Has done work for Boom Studios, Devil's Due, Marvel Comics, UNESCO, Fisk, Ed. Saraiva, Ed. Cia das Letrinhas, among others. Artistic influences: Currently digging Eric Canete and Cárcamo


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