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Madame Xanadu separated June from the Enchantress using a nursery rhyme.[1] Without June, the Enchantress becomes mentally unstable, and her magic begins wreaking havoc across Earth. At the same time, the distraught and terrified June seeks Deadman for protection.[2]

Xanadu, knowing that the Enchantress seeks to rejoin with June, organizes a team, composed of Zatanna, John Constantine, Shade the Changing Man and Mindwarp; to stop her.[3] Meanwhile, June and Deadman try to escape from the Enchantress's rampage, but they are attacked one of the Enchantress's husks.[4]

Dispatching the husk, June and Deadman escape to a motel. There, they find a portal created by Shade, and Deadman decides to cross it, hoping that Shade can help them. Unfortunately, only Deadman crosses the portal, and the Enchantress's creatures surround June.[5]

Fortunately, Constantine is nearby, having created a magic circle that can protect both from the Enchantress's magic. Deducing the rhyme that Xanadu used to separate her from the Enchantress, Constantine begins to repeat it. The rhyme will merge her and the Enchantress into a single being, although June doesn't want the Enchantress. June and Deadman beg him to stop, but Constantine completes the rhyme, and the Enchantress and June are merged. Although the crisis ends, the Enchantress has no idea of what happened, so Xanadu sends her to place where she can heal.[1]

Suicide Squad

At some point, June was taken into custody and put onto Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad.[6] June and Squad would go on a mission to retrieve a "cosmic item" from a Russian undersea prison. However, the item was revealed to be an alien artifact that could open a portal to the Phantom Zone, and encountered General Zod.Once the team returned Belle Reve Pennitentiary the alien artifact soon caused inmates go mentally insane, except for Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Rick Flag, June managed to stay by sane by allowing herself to be taken over by Enchantress. She managed to get Harley to the Vault for safety, however, she ended up encountering General Zod who almost kills her until she is saved by Killer Croc.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad

June and Suicide Squad were assigned with the mission to stop a cult from sinking an island by sinking as a sacrifice for their god. When the Justice League arrived Amanda Waller ordered June and the Squad to take them down or she'd blow them up. While fighting the Justice League June ended up facing Superman, who attempted to reason with June. June's personality seemly emerged to agree with Superman only to be revealed that Enchantress was still in control. When Maxwell Lord broke into Belle Reve Penitentiary along with the supervillains Rustram, Lobo,Doctor Polaris, Emerald Empress, and Johnny Sorrow, the original Suicide Squad, she threatens Maxwell only to be quickly overwhelmed by his telepathic powers.



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