The origins of the Justice League dates back to early 2007, when Oliver Queen decided to bring down LuthorCorp's 33.1 project (which experimented on metahumans, in an attempt to create super-soldiers). Realizing that he wouldn't be able to do it alone, Oliver recruited Bart Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone, to help him. On their first major assault on a 33.1 facility, the team were aided by Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan. After destroying LuthorCorp's Ridge facility in Metropolis, the team departed the city, to bring down 33.1 facilities that Lex Luthor had set up across the world.[7]

This early team had major issues with security. Clark and Chloe had managed to uncover the team, when they had checked Bart Allen's phone records and discovered that he had made numerous calls to a Queen Industries owned company.[7] A year later, Chloe Sullivan (who was doing some freelance work for Oliver Queen) found herself attacked by the Black Canary (then working for Lex), after she had used a computer at the Daily Planet, to intercept classified LuthorCorp information. Black Canary also ended up uncovering Green Arrow's identity, by simply checking Chloe's phone record.[8]

After Clark, Lex and Chloe disappeared in 2008, the team searched the globe for them. However, while Oliver eventually found Clark, Aquaman and Black Canary ended up being captured by LuthorCorp, after LuthorCorp tracked down their cellphones. With two of their members identities discovered by LuthorCorp, the team decided to disband for a while.[9]

The team eventually got back together.[10] However, their failure to stop Doomsday and the death of Henry James Olsen caused the team to disband again and its members going underground.[11]

However, Chloe, Olsen's ex-wife, decided to restart the team again and use the loft apartment, that he had bought her as their base.[11] Working hard, Chloe managed to track down and get the former members back together again.[12] By each passing year, this new team grew, as more and more heroes joined their ranks.[13] Despite this, the team remained very much a nameless "a work in progress".[14]

The team wouldn't see its final evolution, until after the battle against the Monitors, when it reformed with a reduced number of members. This new team consisted of Clark Kent (now called "Superman"), Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Watchtower II, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern. This team soon came to be called the "Justice League".[6]

Justice League Smallville 0002

The fully formed Justice League as they appeared in Season 11


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  • During the sixth season, there were plans for a Justice League spin-off. The show would've had Oliver give refuge to young metahumans, while putting together a team and trying to help them out.[15]
  • During the show's run, the team was a work in progress.[14] The team didn't officially become the "Justice League" until Smallville Season 11: Continuity #4.

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