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Justice League (TV Series) Episode: Comfort and Joy

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Quote1 Well, this looks to be a joyous yule-tide after all. Quote2

Appearing in "Comfort and Joy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Pa Kent
  • Ma Kent
  • Mrs. Sanders (Single appearance)
  • Mr. Hama (Single appearance)
  • Orphanage Kids


Other Characters:

  • Nometians (Single appearance)
  • Streaky


  • Central City Orphanage
  • Central City Museum


Synopsis for "Comfort and Joy"

The Justice League assemble a machine to prevent the collision of an ice world with Earth. J'onn J'onnz is in telepathic communication with the aliens of the ice world as he receives instructions for assembling the machine, with Superman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Flash offering assistance. Soon the machine is activated and the ice world is enveloped in a field that pushes it away from Earth. The aliens of the ice world express their gratitude as their world slowly drifts away from Earth's orbit. Flash is so glad of the team's accomplishment that he is eager to celebrate the Christmas season. Green Lantern, however, feels a need to fly off alone, and Hawkgirl decides to join him. J'onn J'onnz feels that the holiday holds no meaning for him, which makes Superman think that they need to do something that will change his thinking.

The heroes celebrate the holidays in their own ways. The Flash offers to bring a special gift that the children of the Central City Orphanage want: a DJ Rubber Ducky doll that is notoriously hard to get. He is unable to find any of it in stock locally, so he manages to get the last remaining doll from the Japanese manufacturer's headquarters. However, upon his return to the orphanage, the Central City Museum is attacked by the Ultra-Humanite who uses it to express his distate in the city's lack of culture. During the battle, the Ultra-Humanite destroys the DJ Rubber Ducky doll, which makes the Flash so upset that he chastizes the Ultra-Humanite for his lack of the Christmas spirit. The Ultra-Humanite decides to make amends with the Flash by not only repairing the DJ Rubber Ducky, but also by reprogramming it so that it tells the children a bedtime story.

Superman takes J'onn J'onnz home to meet his parents, Pa and Ma Kent, to see how he celebrates Christmas in his particular smalltown manner. During the course of the visit, J'onn J'onnz gets a present in the form of a sweater that's knitted too big for him, though he shows through his shapeshifting that he can "grow into it". He also takes a visit through Smalltown at night disguised as a human.

Green Lantern and Hawkgirl spend some time on Earth enjoying a snowball fight before Hawkgirl decides to take Green Lantern to a bar on the third moon of Galtos, where they get into a fight with its patrons, which is how she says she celebrates a victory.


  • The only storyline of the series that is not spread out over multiple episodes.

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