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Justice League (TV Series) Episode: Secret Origins, Part II


Justice League (TV Series) Episode: Secret Origins, Part II

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On Themyscira, Diana enters the Temple of Athena, and prays her mother's forgiveness. She picks up a set of armor laid at the altar and puts it on.

Quote1 Who's the rookie in the tiara? Quote2
--Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Appearing in "Secret Origins, Part II"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • M'yri'ah (Flashback only) (First appearance; dies)


  • Temple of Athena



Synopsis for "Secret Origins, Part II"

On Themyscira, Diana enters the Temple of Athena, and prays her mother's forgiveness. She picks up a set of armor laid at the altar and puts it on.

Batman, Superman, and the alien J'onn flee from the shapeshifting aliens. Alien flying craft chase them until they are disposed by the timely arrival of several heroes: Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Diana. After forcing the surviving aliens to flee, J'onn explains to the gathered heroes that he was responsible for summoning them for their help. He is a Martian, the last of his species who were decimated by the shapeshifting aliens that invaded Mars thousands of years ago. During this conflict the aliens absorbed the Martians' telepathic and shape-changing abilities. The aliens' onslaught were stopped when J'onn incapacitated the invaders with a nerve gas and sealing them in a chamber. The aliens' imprisonment ended when Earth's astronauts unwittingly released them while J'onn was hibernating. J'onn traveled to Earth to warn its inhabitants, but got captured by the aliens and hence his attempt to telepathically warn Earth's heroes.

Now, the aliens are in the process of conquering Earth as they did with Mars in which they are setting up enormous factories that project an ionizing field into the atmosphere, creating a cloud cover that shrouds the entire planet. J'onn explains that the invaders are nocturnal, wishing to block out the sun as its rays are fatal to them. Furthermore, J'onn cannot reproduce the nerve gas that previously stopped the aliens as it is derived from an extinct Martian plant. Regardless, the heroes agrees to help and destroy the invaders' factories.

Though unused to working together, the heroes resolves to split into three groups to investigate and destroy a factory each. Flash and Green Lantern manages to destroy a factory. Superman and Hawkgirl goes to a factory in Metropolis, but are captured. Batman, Diana, and J'onn infiltrate a factory, and stealing an ion crystal powering the facility. The three are attacked, in which Batman stayed behind to hold them and is believed by J'onn and Diana to be dead.


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