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Justice League (TV Series) Episode: The Savage Time, Part I


Justice League (TV Series) Episode: The Savage Time, Part I

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While returning to Earth from a mission in another galaxy, the Justice League sans Batman is being towed on the Javelin to the Watchtower by Green Lantern as their vessel has been low on fuel. Just before arriving, they are blinded by a large flash of light and the Watchtower is nowhere to be seen.

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Synopsis for "The Savage Time"

While returning to Earth from a mission in another galaxy, the Justice League sans Batman is being towed on the Javelin to the Watchtower by Green Lantern as their vessel has been low on fuel. Just before arriving, they are blinded by a large flash of light and the Watchtower is nowhere to be seen. The League decide to land on Earth to discover what has happened. Upon landing in Metropolis, they are shocked to find the city dramatically changed and adorned with fascist-like imagery. They are then confronted by a squad of security officers and are demanded of their identifications. When the League do not follow them and couldn't comprehend what is happening, the officers opens fire on them and forcing the heroes on the run. Fortunately, they are safely guided to an underground hideout by Batman, who is dressed in a more militarized attire.

After initial misunderstandings with Batman, who doesn't know the League and has no qualms using firearms, the League realize that they are in an alternate timeline. Explained by Batman, in this reality World War II was won by the Axis Powers led by a man name Vandal Savage, who is the current ruler of Earth. Batman became a resistance fighter against Savage's regime after his parents were executed as dissidents. It is clear that Savage has somehow altered the outcome of the war; the League fortunately remain unaffected by the temporal changes is because, as theorized by J'onn J'onzz, they were shielded from the changes by Green Lantern's ring.

Determine to learn how Savage changed the past, the League with Batman's assistance tracked the source of the temporal changes to Savage's laboratory, where they discover a time machine which Savage used to alter the past. The League decide to travel back in time to undo Savage's alteration and are given forty-eight hours until they can return to the present. Batman chose to stay, stating that someone must keep fighting Savage should the League fail. Furthermore, he doesn't care if his existence would be erase once the timeline is restore as it would be more preferable than living under Savage's tyranny (and the hope of possibly preventing the deaths of his parents, which Superman knows well that he cannot guarantee).

The League arrive in the city of Caen, France in 1944 where they witness a battle between Allied and German forces. The Germans are equipped with enormous "War Wheel" tanks and driving Allied forces to retreat, and are almost powerful to withstand the League's might. The League decide to split up in which J'onn and Wonder Woman travel to Berlin to investigate the source of Germany's advanced technology while the others help evacuating the Allies.

In Berlin, Vandal Savage, the acting Führer, soon receive news of the League assisting the Allies, but dismisses them as Allied propaganda. He is more concern of pressing his ultimate military operation against the Allies. Just then Savage is alerted of an American spy who is trying to escape.

The spy, Steve Trevor, escape on a German plane but is shot down. He is save by Wonder Woman, whom a grateful Trevor refer to her as an "angel." He introduce himself to Wonder Woman and J'onn, and explains that he was sent to discover the Germans' plans on what Allied intelligence believed to be an planned invasion of Britain. Trevor had stolen an German encrypted communicator and is due to meet a German code breaker to unlock it to learn the date for the invasion. J'onn and Wonder Woman also learn from Trevor about Vandal Savage, who is claimed to be a scientific genius from an undetermined background and provided the advanced weapons to the Germans in which it impressed them to allow him to becoming Führer. Wonder Woman accompany Steve to meet the code breaker and J'onn continue to infiltrate the Germans' central command. J'onn enter a secret laboratory, where he finds a laptop computer and a cryogenically frozen Adolf Hitler. But he is then surprised and incapacitated by Vandal Savage.

Meanwhile, Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, and Hawkgirl continue to help the evacuation as Allied forces are being overwhelmed by German War Wheels. Green Lantern is caught in a blast by a War Wheel while helping a wounded soldier. Hawkgirl tries to help him, but Green Lantern gives the wounded soldier to her to carry and orders her to leave him behind. She reluctantly complies as Green Lantern, with his power ring out of power, is bearing down by War Wheels.


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  • The alternate timeline Batman's resistance consists of alternate versions of Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, and Tim Drake. Dick and Barbara are briefly seen in an intimate relationship. Also in the resistance's base is an armored vehicle resembling to the Batmobile. A fourth member of the resistance team is a young black haired girl. However, it is never clarified her identity or relation to the others.

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