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Justice League 3000 Vol 1 3


Justice League 3000 Vol 1 3

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"The Dark Age": Having been teleported to Takron-Galtos by Locus, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman attempt to get off the planet and back to t

Quote1 Personal hygiene is of the least of our problems. We must find transport... immediately -- and get back to Cadmus. Quote2
-- Wonder Woman

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Synopsis for "The Dark Age"

Having been teleported to Takron-Galtos by Locus, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman attempt to get off the planet and back to the Wonder Twins on Cadmusworld but are arrested by Sheriff Aaban Tariq who contacts Ariel Masters - the League's "mother" - and brings her to the planet.

Inside Locus' lair-planet Green Lantern - now shrunken - is trapped and forced to love her or face death.

And watching all this unfold is a mastermind of The Five, Coeval.


  • This book was first published on February 12, 2014.
  • It is revealed that in this timeline Takron-Galtos is Earth.


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