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Justice League America Vol 1 27


Justice League America Vol 1 27

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"Mindsnap": Oberon goes to Belle Reve to enlist the aid of Amanda Waller on behalf of Maxwell Lord and the Justice League. He needs to find out how and why Blue Beetle came to be in his present psychotic

Quote1 You did your best Mrs. Waller -- but you came up against something that was too big for you... too big for any of us. Quote2
-- Batman

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Synopsis for "Mindsnap"

Oberon goes to Belle Reve to enlist the aid of Amanda Waller on behalf of Maxwell Lord and the Justice League. He needs to find out how and why Blue Beetle came to be in his present psychotic condition. Waller agrees to see him and flies to New York.

At Justice League headquarters, Batman has Blue Beetle contained in Max's old office. Beetle's personality has returned to normal, but he has no recollection of the murderous rage that led him to attack Oberon and Max. Even the Martian Manhunter is unable to pull anything from his mind, leading Batman to deduce that Beetle is suffering from an extremely sophisticated form of mental brainwashing.

When Waller arrives, she demands to see Beetle privately. During her interview, she inadvertently speaks a code-phrase that sends Blue Beetle into frenzy. He attacks Waller and nearly kills her, but Waller manages to keep the snarling hero at bay by hitting him in his injured leg.

Later, Amanda attempts a second intervention; this time however, she resorts to hypnosis. Under hypnosis, Blue Beetle reveals that the Bialyan leader Queen Bee is responsible for his current condition. Beetle suddenly begins having a seizure and falls onto the floor in a coma.

Batman takes it upon himself to pursue an alternative course of action. He goes to the house of the former Justice League member Kent Nelson and speaks with its sole occupant – Nabu.


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  • The cover to this issue is an homage to the original promotional poster for the 1973 film The Exorcist.
  • The code-phrase used to send Blue Beetle into a psychotic fit is "Bialya, my Bialya".
  • Amanda Waller needles Batman over his handling of "Deacon Blackthorne". She means Deacon Blackfire, the antagonist from the four-issue prestige-format limited series Batman: The Cult.

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