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Justice League America Vol 1 43


Justice League America Vol 1 43

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""If You Play Your Cards Right..."": After his expose on the Justice League International was rejected by "Spy!" magazine, Wally Tortolini finds himself stumbling across the escaping [[Bito Wladon (Imposter) (New Ea

Quote1 No, J'onn - of course it's not funny. I mean, what could be funny about the four of you getting trounced by (snicker)... (titter)... S-S-Sonar?! BAWHHAHHHAHA!!!! Quote2
-- Blue Beetle

Appearing in "If You Play Your Cards Right..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Ira (Owner of Dark Side Bar) (First appearance)




Synopsis for "If You Play Your Cards Right..."

After his expose on the Justice League International was rejected by "Spy!" magazine[1], Wally Tortolini finds himself stumbling across the escaping Sonar who accidentally triggered a silent alarm which summoned the Justice League though he managed to escape them using his Sonigun.

Back at the Justice League Embassy Blue Beetle is reduced to tears laughing at his team mate's failures which Orion does not greatly appreciate.

Wally and Bito escape the League members and find themselves at the Dark Side Bar, a safe haven for low-level costumed villains where, during a game of poker, he wins a variety of their weapons including Blackrock's power stone, Brainstorm's helmet, Crowbar's crowbar, Black Mass' wristbands, The Cavalier's sword and Quakemaster's Jackhammer alongside Sonar's Sonigun.

Wally stumbles out of the bar, laden with his new tools, and is covertly watched by men in suits who are hiding in the shadows.


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