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Justice League America Vol 1 53


Justice League America Vol 1 53

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"Breakdowns, Part One: Blown Away": MAXWELL LORD IS SHOT. The Justice League deals with the attempted assassination of their leader who is now in a coma. To replace Maxwell Lord, the

Quote1 Just try 'n' ignore me! Quote2
-- Guy Gardner

Appearing in "Breakdowns, Part One: Blown Away"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Canadian Delegate
  • Bialyan Delegate
  • United States Delegate




Synopsis for "Breakdowns, Part One: Blown Away"

MAXWELL LORD IS SHOT. The Justice League deals with the attempted assassination of their leader who is now in a coma. To replace Maxwell Lord, the U.N. appoints Kurt Heimlich who announces there will be a massive breakdown and restructuring of the League.



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