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Justice League Dark Vol 1 16


Justice League Dark Vol 1 16

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"The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter": Not long after discovering that he had been brought back to life by the journey to the strange new world of Epoch, Boston Brand was shot dead by Enforcer Vikar. Now, he is dead again, and travelling into this o

Quote1 Wait! Wait a minute. Let's talk. If I can just get you to stop and talk, I can distract you long enough for Orchid to smash you from behind. Dammit! Quote2
-- John Constantine

Appearing in "The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Vikar
  • The Infernal Core (Dies)

Other Characters:


  • The Wild Area
  • The Wild Underground



Synopsis for "The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter"

Not long after discovering that he had been brought back to life by the journey to the strange new world of Epoch, Boston Brand was shot dead by Enforcer Vikar. Now, he is dead again, and travelling into this other world's afterlife. He spots a bright light on the horizon and determines that this must be his way back to his friends, but his way is blocked by a fiery creature demanding that he pay a toll. Rather than waste time fighting, Deadman simply shoves the interloper out with him into the real world, again. Vikar's attention is drawn to the fire elemental, and in accordance with his imperative to destroy all magic, he kills it.

Meanwhile, Zatanna and Tim Hunter are surprised to learn from the magical beings of the Wild Underground that Tim is expected to be the ruler of this place. A creature named Alkion explains that the planet had once been a haven of magic, living in harmony with humankind. Unfortunately, the humans grew jealous of the others' powers, and began to develop science as a means of gaining control over the wild world. They used their science to run the magic beings into hiding, killing millions. In response, the greatest mage of those times rose up, and his name was The Hunter. He, Alkion explains, was Timothy Hunter's ancestor.

Fighting with his unusual quarry, Vikar refers back to his Network to determine what he should do with each of the strangers. After discovering that Frankenstein was created via an unknown science, his superiors command him to take the patchwork man back to them intact. Black Orchid - now a Class C elemental shambler - is to be collected as well. After analyzing Deadman, he captures the ghost easily. This leaves only a rapidly aging Madame Xanadu and John Constantine, who has lost his ability to lie. With little defence, and their friends captured, the pair surrender to Vikar, feebly.

Alkion explains how when it seemed that all was lost, The Hunter stole some human technology to create the Books of Magic and transport them all to Earth for refuge. Unfortunately, they were attacked as they were activating the devices, and only The Hunter made it to Earth. There, he hid the Books of Magic, and made it so that only someone of his bloodline could open them. Timothy did, and now he is in Epoch, and the few remaining magical beings there hope that he will lead them to victory over their human oppressors.

While Vikar is on his way to hand over his prisoners, Epoch is stricken by powerful tremors. These tremors, Network informs him, are global. Meanwhile, the magical beings of the wild underground notice the shaking too, and realize that something has gone terribly wrong.

On earth, Dr. John Peril realizes that the tremors from the other world are crossing into his through the portal he opened, and their magnitude is increasing. If he doesn't close the portal, trapping the Justice League Dark in Epoch forever, it could mean the apocalypse for Earth as well.


  • This book was first published on January 30, 2013.
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