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Justice League Europe Annual Vol 1 3


Justice League Europe Annual Vol 1 3

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"Eclipso Over London": Members of the Justice League Europe are having a discussion when an argument breaks out between Power Girl and Crimson Fox. Enraged, the two leave the headquarters. Elongated Man an

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Synopsis for "Eclipso Over London"

Members of the Justice League Europe are having a discussion when an argument breaks out between Power Girl and Crimson Fox. Enraged, the two leave the headquarters. Elongated Man and Doctor Light begin to have a casual conversation, when Kilowog arrives to inform them that Eclipso has returned. Elongated Man attempts to call other heroes to inform them, but the United Nations blocks his calls in fear that Elongated Man may start a worldwide panic. Elongated Man, Kilowog, and Doctor Light discover that the United Nations has declared a state of emergency and that they fear that any opposing forces to Eclipso may fall victim to his mind control. Just as the heroes are about to warn the other Justice League Europe members, they are attacked by Green Lantern and the Flash, who are under Eclipso's influence. After a brief battle, Green Lantern and the Flash flee the area. Power Girl arrives shortly after. Also under Eclipso's influence, she attacks the other heroes. The heroes manage to subdue her and lock her in a cage. Power Girl breaks free and escapes. Thinking that the Justice League Europe is dead, Eclipso begins making plans for his next move.



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This comic issue is a part of the "Eclipso: The Darkness Within" crossover event that took place throughout all of DC's Annuals in 1992. The event involved the evil entity known as Eclipso using his Heart of Darkness to corrupt the minds of various heroes and villains when they felt anger, and possess their bodies. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Eclipso: The Darkness Within Crossover" category.

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