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Justice League Europe Vol 1 14


Justice League Europe Vol 1 14

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""You Oughtta Be In Pictures"": Seven years in the past a film-enthusiast finds himself being absorbed into his favourite film, Gone With the Wind; he emerges from his television set looking like the main actor from the film.

Quote1 Say, uh...gang? Don't look now ... but is that an enormous rubber Japanese monster rampaging in the street? Quote2
-- Sue Dibny

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Synopsis for "You Oughtta Be In Pictures"

Seven years in the past a film-enthusiast finds himself being absorbed into his favourite film, Gone With the Wind; he emerges from his television set looking like the main actor from the film.

In the present, he returns grumbling about celebrity lookalikes becoming too difficult. He shifts from his Woody Allen "form" back into his own body and ejects Manhattan from his VCR. His power does not seem to be particularly useful for him, especially after an incident with a Marilyn Munroe film! He leaves for the kitchen but overhears an advert with Flint Clintwood surrounded by attractive girls and a grin rises on his face.

Ralph and Sue Dibny, Wally West and Kara Zor-L walk around the Cannes Film Festival in an attempt to glean some good P.R. for the Justice League Europe. While Wally admires the view, Ralph espies Fire and Ice of the Justice League International. He jokingly stretches his head over but, in surprise, Fire punches him unconscious leaving the women to laugh hysterically at his plight.

Making the most of his situation as Flint Clintwood, the body-changer is regaling some French locals with tales of "his" life. However the hotel manager figures him out and orders the police to arrest him, subtly.

While the combined Justice League members sit and enjoy a cold drink, the shape shifter spots a Japanese monster movie poster and transforms into it only now he is a 30-foot tall monster thereby alerting the League members and beginning a fight. He then darts into a nearby cinema screening, hoping for a more conspicuous disguise but actually becoming a chainsaw wielding murderer!

He flees again, this time into a children's film about a dog and escapes the League during the chaos. The JLE return to their embassy as -Captain Atom has recalled them citing the mishap as another "P.R. fiasco" and they fly back home, unknowingly with the persona-assumer two seats in front of them.

Meanwhile, in Moscow Rosa Rubikskova finds Blue Jay sprawled out and shrunken upon her floor.


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  • The Justice League International "One Punch" in-joke is parodied in this issue when Fire is surprised by Ralph. She punches him so hard that his head flies backwards, leaving a bruised Ralph and a shocked Wally who comments "It wasn't that funny."

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