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Gerard Jones/Writer, Keith Giffen/Writer, Bart Sears/Penciler, Randy Elliott/Inker, Gene D'Angelo/Colourist, Bob Lappan/Letterer, Kevin Dooley/Editor, Andrew Helfer/Editor, Nathaniel Adam (New Earth)/Quotes, Justice League Europe/Appearances, Nathaniel Adam (New Earth)/Appearances, Constance D'Aramis (New Earth)/Appearances, Ralph Dibny (New Earth)/Appearances, Wallace West (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Kara Zor-L (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Dmitri Pushkin (New Earth)/Appearances, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Jay Abrams (New Earth)/Appearances, Catherine Cobert (New Earth)/Appearances, Calvin Carson (New Earth)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, L-Ron (New Earth)/Appearances, Christopher Smith (New Earth)/Appearances, Lawrence Trainor (New Earth)/Appearances, Clifford Steele (New Earth)/Appearances, Susan Dearbon (New Earth)/Appearances, Extremists (New Earth)/Appearances, Hans Leckter (New Earth)/Appearances, Dreamslayer (New Earth)/Appearances, Gorgon (New Earth)/Appearances, Lord Havok (New Earth)/Appearances, Tracer (New Earth)/Appearances, George H. W. Bush (New Earth)/Appearances, Mikhail Gorbachev (New Earth)/Appearances, Israel/Appearances, France/Appearances, Paris, France/Appearances, Justice League Embassy/Appearances, United States of America/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, Kansas/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, United Nations Building/Appearances, Washington, D.C./Appearances, White House/Appearances, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics/Appearances, Russia/Appearances, Moscow/Appearances, Siberia/Appearances, Comics, 1990, 1990, August, 1990, June (Publication), Justice League Europe Vol 1, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Justice League Europe Vol 1 17


Justice League Europe Vol 1 17

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""The Extremist Vector (Part III of V) - On the Brink"": After suffering a harrowing defeat at the hands of the Extremists, the JLE returns to their Paris headquarters to lick their wounds.

Quote1 Brief us... on every one of the Extremists. Your past encounters with them...victories and defeats... their powers, weaknesses, personalities... even their taste in movies if you know it. Quote2
-- Captain Atom

Appearing in "The Extremist Vector (Part III of V) - On the Brink"

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Synopsis for "The Extremist Vector (Part III of V) - On the Brink"

After suffering a harrowing defeat at the hands of the Extremists, the JLE returns to their Paris headquarters to lick their wounds.

The Extremists meanwhile, take control of all of Earth's nuclear missiles and launches them simultaneously. Doctor Diehard maintains them in the high atmosphere pointed back towards Earth. Lord Havok addresses the United Nations and demands the complete and total surrender of the planet, or else they will drop the missiles.

In Paris, the JLE consult with Blue Jay who tells them everything he knows about their Extremists, including their possible weaknesses. The team tracks the villains down to Israel and engages them once again. Metamorpho encases Doctor Diehard in a copper shell, cutting off his access to the electromagnetic spectrum. Without the use of his magnetism, all of the missiles begin to drop out of the sky. Metamorpho is forced to release him, so that he can stop the missiles’ descent before they detonate. Diehard catches them all and returns them to their previous atmospheric position.

Losing patience with the JLE, Lord Havok orders Dreamslayer to teleport them to an alternate plane of reality – a reality that Metamorpho compares to New York City, "only cleaner".


  • Superman appears only as Clark Kent in this issue.


  • No trivia.

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